Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Asda Living Cafe, Stratford-upon-Avon

The sort of place you would not be surprised to hear the staff routinely call all customers 'm'luv'. This is the destination for elderly women bent over jacket potatoes and harassed teen moms and their hyperactive offspring.  It is invariably busy, quite a lot of clattering, chinking noises counterpointed by a pinging microwave, shouting children and the creak of aging bones. Food choice is basic - sandwiches, jacket potatoes all having a cheese or tomato base. Good cake choices both the muffin variety and sponge-filled. Coffee is a bargain, a mere £1.60 for an good-sized small Americano.

I have been here several times as I cannot complete a round trip of the store without a break and it is perfect for just that. More comfy chairs and sofas than most places. A good vantage point for people watching is the window but the view over the store is just as good.

Access is excellent. There is a lift to the first floor and the staff are sensitive to mobility problems. Whether in wheelchair or struggling with sholley I have always been offered assistance virtually before I realized I might need it. And always been called 'm'luv'.

Latte: *****
Access: *****

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