Thursday, 28 June 2012

Apple Barn Restaurant, Evesham Country Park,

I have been putting off writing this entry as I could not think of anything to say when it occured to me that that in itself is a review. This place is fine. There is nothing really wrong with it. Neither does it stand out. Access is no problem, as the place is huge. It postitively screams 'family-friendly' with a sizeable play area, flat screen showing cartoons on a loop and an abundance of high chairs.

It has the kind of d├ęcor that reminded Drew of places in the States, all colonial tongue-and-groove panelling and high-backed chairs. The effect is surprisingly cosy, considering how big the place is; on a rotten, rainy day, the atmosphere of the place is full of warmth and conviviality.

Food is served from several counters - one for sandwiches, salads, paninis, another for coffee and cake and there is also a carvery if you are so inclined. It has to be said that the food isn't of the highest standard. I have only ever had paninis or sandwiches and they can be a little hit and miss. The baguettes are rather thin with a very thick, crunchy crust and the fillings can be a little basic. I had tuna, which is not served with sweetcorn or mayonnaise. Not that I am bothered by this, but it does make for a rather basic serving at £5.95. Still, it did the job and there was a reasonable helping of salad (if you like that sort of thing). Drew opted for a jacket potato served with bacon and mushrooms. It is normally served with cheese which he didn't want and the deficit was made up by an extra helping of the mushrooms. He was perfectly satisfied with his lot.

The largest queue was at the cake counter so I may have missed a trick here.

Access: *****

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