Monday, 5 November 2012

Slug and Lettuce, Worcester

Access can be difficult as there are some seriously steep stone steps at the entrance. A more access-friendly door is round the back. I did not find this out until, with the assistance of the elder sib, I had staggered and dragged myself and the oxygen up the steps; and then a helpful member of staff mentioned the alternative entrance, which is the fire exit. There is no obvious signage to tell you this.

We both opted for the breakfast, an absolute bargain at £4.95. That included coffee and toast and the breakfast itself was a respectable portion size: fried egg, two bacon, two sausages, baked beans, half a tomato and a portion of mushrooms that were steamed rather than fried or griddled. The sausages were suitably fat and juicy and the bacon crisp. Decent sized wedge of butter for the toast, and real butter too, not margarine. The coffee was a large mug of filter served with a jug of hot milk. It is a pretty strong roast for the latte lover so both milk portions were required to create a white coffee of drinkable taste and texture.

This is another establishment that does not have gourmet or bistro credentials but is plain fare and cheap booze. Not that I am complaining - the food is all half price on a Monday and, based on this experience, £2.48 is a superb bargain. The ambience of the fun pub is slightly at odds with the building, though. This is housed in what was formerly St Nicholas Church and the building still maintains quite a lot of original churchy features such as the pulpit. Which did not disconcert me in the least. As you well know, oh faithful bloggee, food is church.

Latte: *****
Access: *****

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