Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Munchies For Lunches, Stratford-upon-Avon

This is a cash-only place, no debit cards, so be warned. It is a small establishment, with no indoor seating except for a couple of aluminium chair and table sets outside. It is very much snacks and sandwiches, no-frills stuff like jacket potatoes, sandwiches and baguettes toasted or otherwise, plenty of take away cold drinks (what my mother would call 'pop'), coffee, crisps and cakes.

As you have probably gathered I am slightly dazzled by this place. You do get an awful lot of bang for your buck. Ask for a large baguette and expect an eye-popping lump of bread generously loaded with filling. Unlike certain other sandwich outlets one could mention, no one here uses a scoop to dole out exactly two small domes of tuna on your Hearty Italian. Or handle two tiny triangles of cheese as if they were flapping a picnic rug in a stiff breeze. I usually have a large baguette, white bread, egg mayo, no-salad-thank-you and have been presented with a doorstep size stonking great sandwich. Smooth and glossy egg mayo, not very chunky, hard, crisp crust on the bread. The only disadvantage is that it is impossible to eat it delicately, so don't even try. It comes wrapped in greaseproof paper so cram that in your collar, open wide and get going. You can always wash your face afterward.

Drew has the jacket potato, the chilli con carne filling being good for a hangover. Very meaty, not particularly spicy filling but fluffy potato in a crispy skin, butter and salt and pepper optional. The tuna mayo and sweetcorn is also a favourite, very creamy, very full of sweetcorn. The mayo-based concoctions are slightly boggy in texture, not the rough coarseness of laboriously hand-chopped artisan fare; but you won't mind that. You can always wash your face afterward.

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  1. Just waded through a fab take away jacket potato with cheese and beans - totally fantastic - and smiley staff too. My lunch stop of choice!!!