Monday, 2 September 2013

Quicklys, Stratford-upon-Avon

This establishment had only been here for five years when I arrived in Stratford, named then as 'Mistress Quicklys'. When it changed hands it was referred to as 'MistressQuicklysaswas'. Now, having returned to a version of the original and calling itself 'Quicklys' I am determined that it should be known as 'MistressQuicklysaswasandnowisagain'. And there is still no apostrophe.

Access is not too bad, the place is fairly large, although when it is full you may need some help in shifting the furniture. This is one of the few places in town that offers full table service. There are some booths to sit in that offer a lovely view of the Bard's Walk arcade, especially the Scholl shop and its chiropody services.

I had a ham and cheese panini which was pleasant enough. One thick slice of ham and some fairly mature cheese, and a small salad consisting of leaves, a quarter of a tomato and a tablespoon of catering tub coleslaw, with a few ready salted crisps. Drew had the tandoori chicken and mushroom. He found it hot, and not too spicy, but with a rather small portion of chicken chunks. He couldn't really taste the mushroom. The latte was good, not very strong but a smooth flavour with a thick but silky foam.

The outside tables here are the only ones on Henley Street that can accommodate all weathers. During the day, if it is absolutely boiling in the sunshine these are the only chairs and tables in the shade. Conversely, in the morning they have the sunshine when all other Henley Street establishments are shrouded in moody gloominess. You are still likely to be encroached upon by the noise and stink of delivery traffic and down here they can park on the opposite pavement and so sometimes hang around for a while longer. Still, don your shades and watch the business of tourism stocking up and preparing for the onslaught of visitors. Or nod off and bang your head on the table.

Access: *****
Latte: *****

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