Saturday, 4 August 2012

St Edwards Cafe, Stow on the Wold

Oh dear. After only a short time in this establishment you won't really care that it is housed in a building from the 1700s. Time in this tea room clearly froze in the 1970s; and whereas that might sometimes give a place a charm, or unique ambience that is not the case here. In encapsulating the seventies it brings with it all the features you thought - or hoped - were long gone. Ask for a filter coffee and receive a rough-edged, cheap concotion, slightly stewed. Ask for a coke and for £2 you are given a can, and a glass. It has cost you two quid for something you could have picked up in the newsagents less that two minute's shuffle away. Still, Drew liked the coffee cake and my toasted teacake was covered in real butter.

Incidentally, he liked the place and has told me I am being unfair. For him this place is old-fashioned, rather than olde-worlde, an entirely suitable desination for an elderly relative not au fait with the world of the espresso con panna.

Access is impossible as there are steep steps up to the entrance. Not to worry.

Latte: ***** (that's 'zero')
Access: *****

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