Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Blue Note Cafe, Glastonbury

Access might be problematic as the doorway is quite narrow with steps and the chairs and tables closely stacked. There isn't much room between tables so the wheelchair-tied should use the courtyard which is accessible via the entrance to the shops in the Glastonbury Experience on Market Place. On the other hand, this is Glastonbury. Good will and amiability pervade the place. You won't have to ask.

This is a vegetarian place with a decent menu of light snacky stuff to main meals - sandwiches, soups, lasagne. They also offer chips and wedges, as well as burgers with a meat substitute to appeal to a junk food clientele. I had the egg mayo sandwich at £4.25. Seriously impressive. Clearly made from scratch, thick doorstop-sliced bread, nice chunky, chopped egg in a thick glutonous mayo. I would more properly refer to it as 'chow'. Drew had optimistically provided me with a knife and fork, hinting at the more ladylike means to eat; but the portion is of such rough-cut quality the only appropriate mode is 'chomp'. The accompaniment was salad leaves with crisps that looked like Doritos. Drew opted for the jacket potato with beetroot (they had run out of coleslaw) which had the same chunky, coarse-chopped appearance. He was disappointed in one way - there were no adornments by way of stuff drizzled or glooped over the potato, no dressing on the salad and none offered. In all, the food was quite basic in the way it was served. The couple on the table next to us were feasting on a substantial repast of soup, lasagne and a beanburger; and they were quite contentedly trawling the tables for various condiments.

Since the walking would have been too much for me, Drew decide to go alone to pay his respects at the Chalice Well.

I, meanwhile, went on a pilgrimage of my own.

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