Monday, 2 April 2012

Broadway Hotel, Broadway

Best. Chips. Ever. Seriously. Served in a cone, which is a little bit naff; but crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and piping hot. Just as they should be. Generous with the sandwiches too. Six dainty triangles of salmon and mayo for me, chicken for Drew. The content of the sandwiches is presented in a very plain way, meaning no dainty shreds of salmon and drizzle of mayo. This is a schmear of the mayo with folds of thin salmon. Not that it matters much as it is perfectly tasty. Tiny amount of salad though and a mere pinch of crumbs passed for the accompanying crisps; but, frankly would rather have the extra sandwiches. Brilliant latte, nice and creamy. It is served in a tall glass, decorated cappuccino-style with chocolate on top which gives it a pleasant cocoa aftertaste. Also one of the few places to serve coffee with a crumbly biscuit.

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