Monday, 30 April 2012

Strada, Stratford-upon-Avon

This is a pricey place, but has a two course menu for a mere £10.50 which was the option we chose. Our starter was mozzarella and basil on ciabatta.Tasty, although Drew thought it could have done with heating up a llittle. The portion was rather meagre, just one slice; but the main course was generous enough. We went for a chargrilled chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables. It did have a specific name  - pollo something - but I cannot remember. The chicken was delicious, smoky but melt-in-the-mouth and Drew waxed lyrical about the mushrooms. Wine is expensive by the way - £6.50 for a large glass. Stick to the complementary bottle of water for a super cheap night out.

Access is fine but the bench-like seating can be a bit off-putting.

9.5.12 A 30% voucher tempted us to return. Our starter was rosemary garlic bread which was delicious. Aromatic rosemary on a salty, slightly crunchy bread. Divvy up the portions beforehand though to avoid beneath-the-breath hissed conversations as to who has the last slice. For the main this time around Drew had Spaghetti Ragu (posh spag bol) which he enjoyed. I had the Rigatoni Speck which is a posh version of pasta with ham and a cheese sauce. It was tasty and filling with enough sauce to coat the pasta pieces. Personally I prefer a thicker, gloopier sauce with every pasta piece drenched in cheesy goo; but then, I'm quite common.

Access: *****

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