Monday, 9 April 2012

Vienna Patisserie, Stratford-upon-Avon

Not really a lunch stopover although they do sell a token number of sandwiches and savoury filled croissants. My personal recommendation is the coffee eclair although it is considerably sweeter and more cloying than its chocolate and cream counterpart; but this place is cakes without compromise. Full on wodges of cream, confectioner's custard and flaky pastry. And be careful. One sugar-loaded cake and a large latte and you will have to be tethered to your chair. Latte is pleasant enough but to be honest they could knock up a Nescafe and froth it up by blowing through a straw and you would be too bamboozled to notice.

Access is not a problem but there is quite a steep step up into the place; helpful staff more than make up for this.

15.5.12 There is a new addition to the cake collection - a banoffee eclair. Covered in almonds though. Not keen on almonds. Bummer.

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