Monday, 2 April 2012

Castle Inn, Edge Hill

Impressive building and the views are breathtaking! Interior a little bit disappointing. It was fantastically busy and we were told that the food orders were taking an hour but the views meant it didn't matter; besides the food was worth waiting for when it came. I had ham, egg and chips and it was lovely. Thick chunks of ham and decent chips. Drew had the roast dinner. That and the drinks was a bargain £21! We thoroughly enjoyed just sitting in the sunshine. Main irritation was the hassle over the use of a card - barman declared 'Cash is King! Plastic is drastic!' and charged 50p for the use of a debit card.

Latte pleasant enough but only three quarters of a mug full both times.

Outdoor seating a bit uncomfortable, cheap plastic chairs brought out when it was busy.

Not good for access, due to the 'olde worlde' building and sloping, grassy outdoor area.

Ideal for: taking the family out for Sunday lunch and showing off, in a sort of 'don't-I-live-in-a-beautiful-area' kind of way. Not much information on the actual Edge Hill battle. Just a stand with a bit of information at the edge of the hill but nothing you did not already know about everyone's favourite warty old zealot.

Latte: *****
Access: *****
Chips: *****

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