Saturday, 21 April 2012

Debenhams Cafe, Stratford-upon-Avon

A small place, situated in a windowless room on the top floor. Not good on a sunny afternoon but perfect to shut out wind and rain. One of the few places to have a good selection of comfy seats and armchairs rather than a token couple of sofas. Coffee is a sustainable, organic brand. My latte was very rich, quite strong. Sandwich was disappointing. Not made on the premises and you can tell. Though the egg and cress filling was generous and tasty, for the best part of four quid I expect something more than limp white bread, clearly from a presliced, prepacked loaf.

In honour of the bard's birthday I had a cupcake liberally coated in appropriately bright partyshade-lemon with edible glitter and silently toasted the big man's big day. Tasty cake, decent tooth-coating swash of icing.

Access was fine with a lift that takes you directly to the cafe. Such a small place can get very crowded very quickly which can make it awkward for getting out.

29.6.12 Just a head's up - on a warm day this place is stiflingly hot. If there was air con I couldn't feel it.

Latte: *****
Access: *****

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