Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Garrick, Stratford-upon-Avon

One of the few places you can go to in town where you get the 'olde worlde' feel without being kippered by smoking log fires. My haddock and chips was a generous portion of piping hot, crispy chips, crunchy batter, melt in your mouth fish, proper mushy peas. Drew had the chicken burger which was super spicy but he was disappointed that it was encased in a bog-standard bun. Latte was good, one of the few places to serve it with a small biscotti.

Just a heads up. This is the third time in a row we have been to the Garrick in the early evening and they have run out of something. The roast dinners there are to die for, but the last couple of times we went they had none left. This time we asked for a sharing platter of garlic and herb bread and were told that they did not have any.

Access can be difficult given the nature of the building. The entrance corridor is uneven and narrow so it is easier to let people pass rather than struggle on. The arrangement of chairs and tables can make the process of finding a table and getting seated a little awkward and if the place is crowded downright bloody difficult. There are suitable tables and chairs, such as where we were today where access is no problem, so I would advise going when the place is less busy. Staff go out of their way to help you, even, as they once did with us, clearing a route through to the only available table.

Update 15.4.12
The haddock and chips was as tasty as ever, full marks for consistency. Drew tried the gammon with pineapple this time and liked it a lot; a decent portion and well-cooked. In the interests of research we both had dessert. Mine was the banoffee tart, a tasty take on the usual pie. Crumbly pastry, sweet and sticky toffee sauce, generous on the banana. Drew's sticky toffee cheesecake was equally enjoyable according to him. I was not allowed to taste it.

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